Advertising on Families on the Road

Target Audience

Traveling Families, Digital Nomads, RVers, Homeschoolers who Travel, Business Entrepreneurs, Dedicated on the Road Workers, Traveling Nurses and Health Care Providers, Unschoolers, Volunteers, Worldschoolers, Traveling Artists, Adventure Seekers, Children and Parents


Ads are only accepted from sites that are relevant to families that are traveling. We reserve the right to refuse advertising at our discretion without explanation.

  • Links to sites that render browser’s back button useless will not be accepted.
  • No banners that require or install plug-ins or audio will be accepted.
  • Any site linked from the advertisement must be appropriate for families and children.

Due to the nature of advertising, we cannot provide a guarantee on results nor do we provide refunds.

Site Statistics

The Families on the Road web site has been covered by media sources such as The Today Show. It averages 4,800 unique visitors and over 15,325 page views per month. The average visitor spends 2:41 minutes on the site. Current statistics are from Google Analytics statistics during the time period of 6/3/20 – 9/3/20. Statistics are updated every 3 months. Latest update 9/3/20.

Banner Sizes and Placement

Banner 300 x 125 pixels


  • Position: Sidebar and Footer
  • Current Availability: Roadschool, Home Page

Square 250 x 250 pixels

RIS Recreation Insurance Specialists

  • Position: above the fold, top right sidebar
  • Availability: Home Page, Roadschool, Life

Vertical Banner 160 x 300 pixels

  • Position: Right sidebar (2-3 slots available per page)
  • Availability: Home Page, Life OTR, Roadschool

Wide Banner: 460 x 90 pixels

  • Position: Footer only
  • Availability: Home Page, Life OTR
  • Placing Your Order

  • Please provide your
  • Name
  • Company Name
  • Email
  • Ad Size Request (ex. Square 250 x 250)
  • Location Request (Sidebar/Footer)
  • Duration of Ad (ex. 1 month)
  • Please send your advertising email request to:

Upon approval you will receive instructions about submitting your web ready ad (.jpg or .gif format only) and terms of agreement.
Upon receipt and approval of ad copy an invoice will be emailed to you. Payment via PayPal is preferred.
Once payment is received your ad will be displayed within 2 business days and your billing cycle will begin.