Welcome to Families on the Road

Zion NP Header(1)We are unique families who are choosing not to wait until our kids are grown to live on the road. We are living our dreams, educating through travel, and exploring America and beyond with our kids. Since 1988 we have been providing information about Homeschooling,full-time travel as a family, Setting up residency as a full-time traveler, as well as general information about life on the road.

It is not the intention of this site to duplicate resources that are already available for the full-time traveler. But rather, to direct you to those resources, and focus instead on the unique issues that face families while traveling. The focus of Families on the Road is on topics such as, types of travel accommodations that work best for families, meeting the demands of a traveling occupation, finding work on the road, raising children on the road, and the all-time number one question “What about school?”. The goal is to share what we and other traveling families have learned and enable everyone to contribute their own experiences, ideas and knowledge, so we can all learn from each other.

Whatever your circumstances, and whatever your reasons for choosing to full-time travel with your family, welcome to the Families on the Road blog! Please consider this site a ‘rest stop’ along the Information Highway – a place where you can connect with other families on the road, share information and experiences, and give and receive support for this exciting lifestyle we have chosen. We hope that you find this site helpful, informative and, above all, encouraging.