Kitchen Accessories that make preparing meals in your RV easier

Traveling with the latest and greatest RV Kitchen accessories will make all the difference when cooking in your RV Kitchen. Having the right kitchen tools and appliances will ease the stress of preparing meals on your adventures! There are so many wonderful RV friendly recipes you can enjoy on the road. Having tools that are both multifunctional and space saving goes a long way in keeping your RV clutter free. We all know that when it comes to motorhomes, space can be an issue-particularly in the kitchen. So here are a few RV must-haves for those who need their kitchen to be as clutter-free as possible.

Buy Collapsible & Stackable

First off, let’s talk stackable. If it’s space you’re after, then stackable items such as bowls and measuring spoons are the way to go. Check out these brightly colored nesting mixing bowls and measuring cups. You really get a lot of bang for the buck and the cheerful pop of color would brighten up any kitchen as an added bonus.

Now, let’s talk collapsible. Or in this case, foldable. This folding dish rack draining board from Amazon is a personal favorite. After washing your dishes, you can set the dish rack over the sink for the dishes to dry. This way, it takes up no room on the countertops and keeps your counter clean. When it’s no longer in use, you can fold it flat and store it elsewhere.

Collapsible colanders and collapsible kettles will also make a big difference in saving space within your RV kitchen.

Kitchen Hangers

Over the cabinet hangers, command hooks, suction hooks, and shoe organizers can all help to make better use of the limited space in an RV kitchen. And while this has nothing to do with kitchen hangers, you should also install sliding cutting boards for the sake of convenience.


Although it takes up some valuable space in the RV Kitchen, the InstaPot is a must-have modern day appliance. This time-saving Multi-cooker combines 7 appliances in one: pressure cooker, slow cooker,rice cooker, steamer, sauté pan, yogurt maker and warmer. We use this appliance and make our meals following “Insta Loss Cookbook” by Brittany Williams. Our weight is down and all our levels are normal thanks to eating wholesome satisfying meals.

Go Magnetic

RV kitchen organization includes a variety of space saving steps. This next item will simplify your RV lifestyle and is a must-have in the kitchen: magnetic kitchen supply holders. You can buy a magnetic bar for knives, scissors, and a magnetic tray to hold spice jars. It simplifies cooking and frees up counter space. These can be found online for very reasonable prices.

RV Cooking

Your space constraints may intimidate you when it comes to preparing large, family-sized meals. But don’t let them! You can still prepare healthy, hearty and tasty meals the whole family can enjoy. There are many places, where you can find great recipes that are geared towards RV and camping life.