Online Safety Tips for Kids & Parents

As valuable as the internet can be in our lives, it can also be a dangerous place. The good news is that you don’t have to struggle with all the commonplace threats that might come about in the online world if you look at what you can do as a parent.

Having a conversation with your kids about cyberbulling can help them when online. Here are a few conversation points:

Flaming – Angry messages that continue over and over becoming more hurtful over time.

Harassment – constant hostile messaging

Denigration – spreading false information about someone or gossip that can ruin a person’s reputation or relationship

Impersonation – pretending to be someone else in order to sabatoge the targets reputation or friendship

Outing – sharing secret or sensitive private information about one’s personal life through photos or videos

Trickery – tricking others into sharing embarrassing details online

Exclusion – excluding others from group activities or making them feel unwanted at certain group gatherings or functions

Cyberstalking – when a person repeatedly harrases someone