The Lone Scout program offers a path to Eagle for boys who travel full-time

Participating in the Scouting Program while growing up was always a lot of fun. My experience as a Cub Scout, then Boy Scout and eventually an Assistant Scout Master provided opportunities to learn life long skills that are practical even today. Learning about backpacking, setting-up camp, tying knots, using an axe, starting a fire were all skills I learned during my scouting days. It was one thing that we thought we were going to miss with our family by going full-time on the road.

Fortunately, we discovered the LONE SCOUT PROGRAM.

The Lone Scout plan is a way for any boy ages 7 to 10 (or who is in the first through fifth grades) to become a Lone Cub Scout; or ages 11 to 17 to become a Lone Boy Scout. Your child applies for membership as an individual Lone Scout only if he cannot conveniently join a Cub Scout pack or Boy Scout troop.

We registered our family with the Southeast Louisiana Council, through the local scouting office there. Their Senior District Executive at that time, Juan Prado, really helped us out, giving us all of the information we needed to properly sign up. He walked us through the Scout Shop to make sure we received all of the supplies to get started. He also contacted the district to make sure we were registered properly as Lone Scouts. He provided us with the Lone Scout Plan materials and the Lone Scout Friend and Counselor Guidebook, which is a must for anyone considering the Lone Scouting program. He also gave the boys a special Lone Scouting neckerchief, which we love because it easily identifies that they are a Lone Scout when we attend pack activities. Juan was such a wonderful resource and we really appreciate the help he and his staff offered us.

After receiving our offical Cub Scout registration cards, and ordering their uniforms our kids we’re able to earn badges and advancements just like a regular scout. The only difference between lone scout and a home based program is that now when we travel they are able to participate in pack meetings, special events or camps in any state that we travel to. It has worked really well and we have met some great scouts along the way. Lone Scouts is a wonderful program and something we would highly recommend for any family traveling with boys!