Is keeping fit possible when you live in an RV?

YES, with a bit of creative thinking, planning and determination.

Get bicycles, and use them whenever you can. We have been using the Euro mini ZiZZO Via folding bike. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with a Shimano 7 speed shifter that is easy to use, and we are riding around the campground.

Carry some small weights for arm work. Just lifting these during your morning routine can help tighten those arms.

Carry a yoga mat for outdoor use on the patio. Get out early in the morning when the sun is just rising, and stretch.

Track all your miles with a Fitness App on your phone, and walk, walk, walk. The faster you go, the better. Use a Fitness tracker watch with HR to help motivate you and your family.  

Take advantage of the weight rooms and exercise facilities at many RV parks and resorts; use the pools, obstacle courses and playgrounds. You’ve got all the great outdoors at your disposal!

Bike Links

Rails-To-Trails are trails converted from old train tracks. They provide family friendly places to bike and walk. set your location, terrain and distance. Pedaling will find a place for you to ride.

Bikely lists bike routes of various levels, use it to search for one near you.

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