WWII Memorial

Visiting Washington DC: Is the Metro really worth it?

While the hassle of finding parking around the National Mall can take some time, I believe that it’s still better to drive into town rather than take the Metro.

Parking at a Metro station

For daily parking, SmarTrip® cards are the primary form of payment accepted.

The daily parking fee is $4.85 or higher. Additionally, some stations accept credit cards. See individual station parking pages for payment information.

Meters at short-term parking spaces accept only quarters and $1 coins.

Parking is free at Metro-operated lots on weekends and federal holidays. Most weekends, it’s easy to find a space .

The cost for a family of four can run about $24.00 round trip.

Best National Mall Parking

A free 3 hour spot that fits even a dually is near the tidal basin, just a 10 minute walk to the Jefferson Memorial.

I can also drop off the family at any of the Smithsonian museums and walk an additional 15 minutes to meet them.  If some event is taking place elsewhere in D.C., I can easily grab the truck pick up the family and be there hassle-free.

So, save your money, get some exercise and tour all the National Monuments on the mall with this great parking location.