Month: June 2017

Salvation Mountian

On our way into Arizona, a friend of ours mentioned that we should check out “SLAB CITY”. She told us about how cool it was and that it was featured in the movie “Into the Wild”. She had never been there but told us…

Is keeping fit possible when you live in an RV?

YES, with a bit of creative thinking, planning and determination. Get bicycles, and use them whenever you can. We have been using the Euro mini ZiZZO Via folding bike. It has a lightweight aluminum frame with a Shimano 7 speed shifter that is easy…

Nationwide Passes

National Parks Pass – a mere $80 provides access for a year to spectacular sites and historical treasures for the entire family for a year. You will find a free guide to all 388 National Parks and more information at   Free Annual Pass for…

Visiting Washington DC: Is the Metro really worth it?

WWII Memorial

While the hassle of finding parking around the National Mall can take some time, I believe that it’s still better to drive into town rather than take the Metro. Parking at a Metro station For daily parking, SmarTrip® cards are the primary form of payment…

Texas Wine Country Jellystone completes expansion with new RV and tent sites plus snack shack

The Texas Wine Country Jellystone Park has completed lots of improvements in time for the summer camping season, including 26 new RV sites, five new rental cabins and a snack shack. A splash pad will also be installed in time for Father’s Day weekend….

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