Family travel in Mérida, Mexico

Strolling down the cobblestone streets of Mérida, it’s not difficult to imagine the city’s distinguished past; step into one of its famed remodeled hacienda style houses and the transformation will be complete.

Mérida has European roots as old as the Spanish Conquest of the Americas.  It’s Mayan civilization, whose temples dot the Yucatan Peninsula are a reminder of an ancient time. If you can stay for at least 5 days, the city will open up to you and your family like it did for mine.

The plaza is the epicenter of cultural activity in town. A meeting place for families, friends and those who are exploring the region.  Nightly cultural celebrations happen here, showing the rich heritage of the Yucatan people.

Upon arrival in Mérida, we quickly filled out our documentations and passed through customs.  Right outside the airport, we found a taxi, which brought us safely to the center of town. 

Normally, we use Airbnb to book our accommodations when traveling internationally, but we got lucky with “” and found this gem of a hotel.  We stayed 2 nights in Hotel Doral Alba within walking distance to the plaza. It was inexpensive, clean and provided free breakfast for the four of us.   The mid day heat was bearable but it was nice to relax in the pool between 2 – 4 pm.
One of the reasons we were in Mérida Mexico was to attend Project World School Family Summit 2017.   We had met Laini and Miro back in 2015 and since then our paths have crossed over the years.  Our boys were willing to help with the Summit kid camp and really enjoyed meeting many of the parents and children who attended. 

Dylan and Christian were also  part of the teen discussion panel. 

We spent the next three nights in Hostel Nomadas to be closer to the conference. Here is our review of this amazing hostel and the experience we had.

Our final 5 nights had us at Casa Pepem, an exceptional Airbnb house just a few blocks from the center plaza.  We were able to relax and explore the surrounding areas from this base.  

We traveled to the amazing Uxmal ruins where you can climb the magnificent temples, and then a few days later went to the three cenotes of Cuzama.