How do you get Mail on the Road?

The U.S. Postal service can forward mail, but not on a regular basis. Once you leave your permanent residence you will need to find some sort of mail forwarding services. Some full-timers use a reliable relative willing to forward mail, but you still need some sort of address.

There are however Mailbox Services such as Mail Boxes Etc. MBE offers a mailbox with a real street address and 24-hour access* to mail and package deliveries. Additional services include mail forwarding**, fax receiving and the ability to call in and check for your mail and packages. You’ll also find most of the postal products and services you need at any neighborhood The UPS Store or Mail Boxes Etc. location.
Before you ask to have mail forwarded you need to decide where you will be receiving your mail. One option is General Delivery in a town that you will be spending some time in.
mailTo find out which post offices accept General Delivery go to the USPS web site, (under the Find a ZIP code) tab enter “General Delivery” in the Address line and the town and state you want. Or check the zip code directory (available at any post office) to find the correct post office; smaller towns will only have one, but if there is more than one post office, only ONE will accept General Delivery. For each state, the towns having only one post office will be listed on the first page; larger towns will be in the following section. Check the listings carefully if you’re considering the suburb of a large city. The General Delivery for Tukwila, WA., for example, goes to downtown Seattle, where it can be quite difficult to park an RV!

Memberships that offer Mail Forwarding Services

Passport America/ (Florida address)
Selecting a mail forwarding service is an important decision. At, we take this responsibility very seriously. As a member of our mail service you will come to enjoy our personalized service and our attention to detail and accuracy. During business hours we always answer our phones with a live person. If you are looking for a specific item, we are happy to go over your mail over the phone if necessary. Our customized business software helps you keep track and manage every item in your mailbox.
If you would ever like to visit or take a tour of our Mail Facility, we are located just outside of Pensacola Florida in the city of Crestview. Many of our clients are full time RVer’s, Florida is an ideal state to establish your residency and to register your vehicles. Florida has no state income tax and tag registration is very economical. As part of our mail forwarding service we can assist you with instructions for these important administrative matters and answer any questions you may have. In addition we can provide assistance with these other administrative matters. (Any Location)

Bring your Postal Mail Online. Securely access to your digital mailbox 24/7. No more driving to your PO Box or waiting until you return from your trip. Our secure cloud-based platform enables you to view and manage your mail anywhere in the world. From PC to Mac, Apple to Android, smart phone to tablet, we’ve got you covered.

Select a Location Select a real street address by browsing through our list of locations across the US and internationally. Additionally, for each location you can preview what your future digital address will look like.

Pick a Service Plan Whether you are a business, a road warrior, or an expat you will find the right service plan for you. Selectively choose from features such as Open & Scan, Forwarding, Check Deposit, and Shredding. Prices start as low as $5.99.

Manage Your Mail As you receive mail you can easily view and manage it from your mobile device or computer. No matter where you are in the world you will be notified via native app alerts, text messaging, or emails when mail arrives or a requested action has been completed.

Good Sam/America Home Base (Florida address)
American Home Base, Inc. developed its mail forwarding program with part-time and full-time travelers in mind. AHB receives and forwards your mail to any destination you request, at your convenience, and on your schedule. Because they are located in Florida, many members choose to establish Florida residency to avoid costly state income taxes.
American Home Base, Inc. is a total contact mail forwarding service meeting the needs of full-time and part-time travelers since 1990. They are registered with the United States Postal Service as a Commercial Mail Receiving Agent (CMRA) and serve a diverse group of clients including armed forces personnel, contract workers working abroad as well as within U.S. borders, sailors, RV’ers, traveling professionals, and small businesses.

Escapees (Texas address)
The Escapees Mail Forwarding Service is a licensed commercial mail-receiving agent designed for RVers and managed by experienced full-time RVers. Unlike many mail services, you can set your own schedule and make mail handling choices. Also, you are not limited to first-class mail. They accept and forward packages as well as certified and registered mail. They can ship your mail to you via UPS, USPS or FedEx