Keep Your Water Supply Running Smoothly This Winter

Last year, due to unforeseen health issues, we were unable to travel south to warm, sunny Florida, and had to endure a harsh Northeastern winter in the RV.  Luckily, our 5th wheel has an enclosed and heated underbelly as well as an electric fireplace.  Both came in handy as the temperatures ran into the teens on many nights.  I was able to have a fresh water flow all winter due to the purchase and use of the 20160330_140114Pirit Heated Hose.

The 25′ or 50′ hose is made from drink-safe materials and thermostatically controlled to automatically turn on when needed and prevent water from freezing in the hose down to minus 42-degree Fahrenheit.  With a new, tougher thermostat hardwired to the outside of the hose you are guaranteed more consistent and customizable results depending on your need. The hose comes with a 1 year warranty from defect.

So, if you are planning on wintering in cold weather this year Families on the road highly recommends this product for use.