Dirty Laundry – Where do you put it?

RV’s tend to be designed as if no one ever has any dirty laundry to stash. The general consensus among Family RVers is the dirty laundry gets put in mesh bags and stored in the bath tub/ shower stall. Some families in converted buses have made a laundry shoot that drops the laundry into the basement storage. Newer model RV’s tend to have more space available to place your dirty laundry, but no matter what it still piles up.

Which brings us to another question. How do you do laundry on the road? Should we get an RV with a built in washer and dryer? Most families agree that laundry time is quick and easy when you stop at a laundromat. Several loads get done at once. Instead of doing laundry daily it is done in a few hours. And you can pass the time with your family. Bring juggling balls, coloring books and games, or just go back to the RV to read a book between loads. You may also keep an eye out for outlets to plug your lap bestlaundromat_fulltop in if you have work to do.

“I thought I just HAD to have a washer and dryer and was very disappointed that the RV we ended up getting didn’t have one. However, I have found that having three kids it is much nicer having the space for extra pantry so we took the cabinet that was made for the washer and dryer and put in drawers and shelves so I have an awesome pantry. We have found that every campground we have stayed at has had laundry facilities so it hasn’t been an inconvenience. It isn’t like we have to drive into towns looking for a laundromat.”