RV Toilet Paper – Which one works best?

What toilet paper can I use in my RV?  There are lots of RV friendly toilet paper products out there that feel nice and soft, and some that feel like sandpaper.  Generic RV toilet paper is a waste of your money. So what kind of toilet paper can you purchase that won’t destroy the black tank inside your 5th wheel or motor home?  Well… that’s even more complicated.  

Since we began traveling in our 5th wheel over 8 years ago we have purchased a lot of different toilet papers.  We’ve purchased recycled “eco-friendly” TP at RV stores and we’ve purchased other soft wipes that say they  will “dissolve after flushing”.  Both were a mistake.  

So we decided to test a few out to determine which one works best for our family.  We grabbed a container, filled it with room temperature water, threw in one sheet of the TP, gave it one good shake and let it sit for a day.

Thetford Quick-Dissolve RV/Marine: $5.39 (4 rolls) 

Manufacturers description: Economical single-ply tissue that is 100% biodegradable and specially-made for RV and Marine sanitation systems.

FOTR says: Slow to breakdown, uncomfortable feel, don’t waste the money.

Scott Rapid Dissolving RV: $3.25 (4 rolls) 

Manufacturer description: Breaks up 4x faster than the leading brand, specially made for RV, Boat or Septic System, Soft, Strong and Absorbent.

FOTR says: Breaks down quickly, soft and absorbent with easy flushing down the drain. Our family favorite.

Seventh Generation Recycled Bath Tissue: $3.50 ( 4 rolls)

Manufacturer description: Two-ply bathroom tissue is soft and strong, Made of 100% recycled paper (minimum 50% post-consumer) free of dyes, inks and fragrances, safe for septic systems and ideal for low-flow toilets.

FOTR says: Not as soft as some leading brands but environmentally safe and breaks down quickly for RV use.

Scotts Moist Wipes Tub: $6.99 (51 count)

Manufacturer description:Natural Flushable cleansing cloths are 100% sustainable resources, Wipes are septic and sewer safe with no alcohol or artificial dyes.

FOTR says: Even though they are going green with 100% of fibers derived from sustainable resources, these wipes do not really break down making them unsafe for RV use.

After this simple testing we determined that all RV toilet papers are not the same.  We liked the Seventh Generation Recycled aspect, but still prefer the Scotts Rapid Dissolving  TP for our RV septic system.