Month: May 2016

7 Tips to RV Alaska this Summer

It is a rite of passage for fulltime RVers to travel the Alcan Highway into the great unknown of ALASKA. Bragging rights aside, most RVers are drawn to the wildlife and fishing, mountains and meadows, grandeur and adventure of the highway.  An expedition of…

Stone Mountain Campground

If you are passing anywhere near Atlanta, Georgia on your travels this year, you should consider Stone Mountain Campground as a base for exploration.   We spent three exciting days this past spring here and would recommend this location to any Rving family on the…

The ACURITE Thermometer

AcuRite Color Digital Thermometer with Indoor/Outdoor Temperature and Humidity Model: 00384RM Overview: This AcuRite Digital Thermometer features, reliable temperature and humidity readings.  Its illustrated color LCD screen displays the current indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.  It also features trend indicator arrows, daily high and…

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