Weaver Believer Performance

TheWeaverFamily-248x300Recently FOTR members had the privilege to enjoy the Weaver Believer Survival Revival at the Thousand Trails Orlando Preserve (TTO).

Paul and Chris Weaver have been married for nearly 25 years, are blessed with 8 children and reside in the NE Georgia mountains where they all work together in a small family business when they’re not traveling.

They instilled the love of music in the children at a young age. From the time they were little, they were taken around to sing for shut-ins, nursing homes & small groups and it grew from there.

When Paul taught them to play instruments, it only added to the music resulting in the birth of the WEAVER BELIEVER SURVIVAL REVIVAL. Since the children are homeschooled, it allows them the time & freedom to travel. They sing in tight family harmony & play guitars, banjos, mandolin, fiddle, acoustic bass & stand-up bass joyfully using their God-given talents to bring honor & glory to the Lord.